Sunday, May 15, 2011

Just Starting Out

Well it has been a whirlwind three weeks for HOBO One!  This all started with me wanting to support other home owned businesses, by purchasing what I could from them instead of the Bigbox Corporate Giants.  The problem was that even though I had "met" and made contact with thousands of Home Owned Businesses, through my adventures on FaceBook, with countless specialties, I could not remember for the life of me who did what!  I wanted to find a way to put them all in one place, with all the information that I would ever need to contact them, so that this would not be a problem again.  I could one stop shop, for whatever my heart desires.  I knew just what I wanted the page to look like and was about to get it off the ground, but needed a name.  During a brainstorming session, Poppy came up with the clever moniker, HOBO,  and a star was born.  I made the page and started inviting people to join me, and in less than three weeks, we have over 120 HOBO's and over 350 fans on our little page!  I would say we are off to a running start.  Now if only I could decide, what is the next step....  Oh well, it will come to me I am sure!  Meanwhile, I have good friends and lots of products from which I and 350 other people can choose from!  My latest success?  I am about to close the deal (I hope) on my first successful Barter Transaction from my posting in the HOBO BARTER ALBUM!  Now that, is cool!

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